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Retailers of elegant Tresor Paris jewellery in Tamworth

Recently added to the range of jewellery available at Christopher’s in Tamworth is the Tresor Paris collection.

Each item of Tresor Paris jewellery is finished by hand, using a variety of precious and semi-precious materials and fabrics which are amalgamated with the finest, diamond cut Czech crystals and magnetite balls, each engraved with the Tresor Paris logo.

Tresor Paris has quickly gained recognition for producing exquisitely crafted jewellery. Celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger, JLS, The Saturdays and Didier Drogba have all been seen wearing the highly sought-after Tresor Paris bracelets.

About the Tresor jewellery collection

Tresor Paris jewellery is made with magnetite, a type of iron oxide that possesses natural magnetic properties.

Magnetite works with the body’s bio-magnetic field and is believed to hold healing properties that can aid recovery, help asthma and sedate overactive organs.

Customise your Tresor bracelet with semi-precious stones:

  • Carnelian
  • Amethyst
  • Garnet
  • Aquamarine
  • Gold rutilated quartz
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Pearl
  • Red rutilated quartz
  • Green rutilated quartz
  • Orange moonstone
  • Black carnelian

We sell a full range of Tresor Paris jewellery:

  • Tresor Paris bracelets
  • Tresor Paris men’s bracelets
  • Tresor Paris necklaces
  • Tresor Paris rings
  • Tresor Paris earrings
  • Healing Gems collection

Tresor jewellery is glamorous yet versatile, making the perfect gift for both men and women to wear for any occasion.

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